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Photographer Barcelona
Portraits, self branding, product, lifestyle, events

The picture has the power to convince

Convince your customers, your followers, your friends. No need for text, focus on the picture.

Photographer for your company in Barcelona

Our goal?

Impress your customers on your website
Stand out on social media
Draw attention on your advertisement

What prices?

Several packs available from 110 €

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Photographer photoshoot Barcelona

photoshoot barcelona

Photographer for private individuals in Barcelona

Our goal?

Capture a smile, a moment of life (alone, in couple, with family, friends)
Draw attention to your advertisementt

What prices?

3 packs available from 95 €

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  • Juan Carlos Portugal Cardio2Max - Clémentine Laurent Photographie
  • Marine Droguería El Manantial - Clémentine Laurent Photographie
  • Nico Equinox - Clémentine Laurent Photographie
  • Tiphaine - Clémentine Laurent Photographie
  • Béatrice, IAD España - Clémentine Laurent Photographie
  • Louison - Clémentine Laurent Photographie
  • Bertrand boulangerie Bo&Mie - Clémentine Laurent Photographie

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Photographer Barcelona photoshoot

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Behind the camera

Clémentine Laurent
French/Belgian in Barcelona
Passionate about life and photography
Graduate of Journalism and photojournalism

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